Falling Off the Face of The Earth/ Xterra Tahoe

 I have been absent in blog land.

But I'm still around and having fun.

Although I was riding close to the edge of the earth I did not fall off.
I promise!

It's been busy lately. I haven't exactly moved mountains but I did move to the other side of a mountain....If it's Mt. Something, it counts as a mountain right? In that case I moved across a mountain.

We didn't really have an excess of time, money, or fitness handy but we still couldn't pass up Xterra Tahoe. The Flume Trail and Tahoe Rim trail are the best trails ever. Ever, ever, ever. Seriously, if I didn't mountain bike I would run the trails. I really loved Lake Tahoe. So much so I swallowed it up. It helped that the water was choppy. It really gave me something to give back during the bike's climb :) Barf, Not so bueno!

 Despite being humbled and feeling generally not fit enough to be racing the course I really loved the race. I felt lucky to be racing. I made a ton of rookie mistakes with nutrition, pacing, and even threw my chain off twice. Here's what I believe, it's a lot easier to perform "perfectly or smart" when you are not pushed beyond your limits (climbing up a moutain, through sand at altitude). I swear I felt like death on the climb. The single track technical sections and descent were so fun I forgot my struggles and had a blast. I probably should have stopped having so much fun and sucked down my Camel back. It's all easier said than done. I did a million things mediocre that morning but the technical stuff and the descent I nailed. I made up time and had fun. That almost cancels out the mental self image I have of lying on the side of the trail begging for mercy as while I was supposed to be climbing. 

 The 10 k trail run was not so hard, but I ran on fumes. My time was a bit "blah blah blah." Considering I started spent it did the job. It was a really nice trail with very huge down trees to climb over and some rocks to run across. It seemed like a long 10K but then again I was tired and had bonked a long time ago, so what I think probably isn't accurate. Feeling so fatigued, I wondered why I wasn't tempted to quit or walk. Truth is I'm quick to recover from fatigue, but quitting....that feeling would really put a damper on the post race BBQ. One has to keep their priorities straight.

After the race Tim and I drowned our sorry souls in Sierra Nevada Ale. Beer is served to all of the finishers to ensure competitors sign up for next years race. We were lying facedown in the grass when I heard my name called. After struggling so much just to finish, I didn't really think I should be rewarded with a cup. Then I thought about it again. I got my a** handed to me. I'm taking that cup. That cup is mine!!!!!


tim said...

nice job! I had a great time up there. Xterra races are really fun.

cindy said...

I'm glad you are back to blog land. I love reading about your adventures!