Xterra Tahoe: The Morning After

Sunday in Tahoe was great. It was quiet, calm, and cool. Everything seemed very still, including the water which behaved in such a unruly manner for our race the day before. Things were so still I felt almost as if I should whisper. The temperature was even colder than the day before but it seemed fitting in a true mountain town. It was the perfect morning for a hot, steamy cup of coffee followed by a nice bike ride on the Flume Trail.

We didn't really bring enough warm clothes. We basically layered all the clothing we brought on the trip for the ride. Tim still didn't have enough warm clothes but no worries. We stopped by a ski shop and bought him some knee high ski socks. Tim's not really the knee sock, shaved legs, type A  kind of triathlete but if he wasn't wearing a long sleeve "cotton t-shirt" he would have looked the part ;)

One second thought, with a bike like that. I don't think "Type A" would be a very fitting label. I'm jealous Tim's bike is lighter than mine. Oh, I guess it deserves to be as it only has one gear and no rear suspension.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. I'm not sure I agree. On Saturday the Flume made quite an impression but I was struggling and honestly I think I resorted to using my eyeballs as breathing holes. I was glad to have a second chance.

This trail has a lot of beauty and a ton of  "flow."

Even though you ride close to the edge. You do not feel like your going to fall off.

If you don't believe me, there is other terrain to enjoy.

I like this though. Those rocks were fun to ride between.

I love the turns in the trail. So much fun, it makes your bike feel like it's dancing

I also love pictures, which is why I am posting so many.

I wouldn't want to risk forgetting one bit of this trip.

Advisers would say you should pre-ride the race course not re-ride it. However, if that is not an option, I highly recommend the morning after re- ride. It might be even better this way. Who knows?

Cheers to quite possibly the best weekend adventure ever!


cheryl said...

I've only ridden the flume trail one time. It was so hard coming from sea level, I don't think I could really enjoy it as I was suffering so badly. but your pictures remind me that it really was so beautiful!

Sparky said...

Wow!!!Those pictures are take my breath away!

beth said...

i love the idea of a "re-ride". in road triathlon, i am the anti re-ride...would much rather be surprised and distracted on race day...

mountain biking now, pre-ride is nice.
p.s. i can't believe you rode so close to the edge...baller! :)

great to see you this weekend