San Diego Triathlon Classic

The real success story of the race was Tim. I just landed a lucky photo finish.

Tim took home the bronze. More importantly he didn't get chicked by any girls.

JT, the barefoot race director, is looking at Tim with disbelief. They exchange words in their usual fashion. I believe  the conversation went something like this. 
JT: "How'd you get up here?"
Tim:  "My bike is fast." 
JT says "You ride a beach cruiser. "
Tim says "But it fits me"
JT "Fit is the most important thing"

Awards were then delayed for the next hour while Tim and JT passionately discussed aerodynamics, power, and fit. Just kidding, but that so could have happened.

I had a wheel up on Tim at the start of the bike, but I just couldn't keep up. Cheers to trying again next time. 

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