The Laguna Mountains in August

Supposedly this is the coldest summer on record in 100 years. Any other summer it would be too hot to ride Noble Canyon mid day in August. It might not be the best year to swim in La Jolla Cove, but it might be the best summer to mountain bike. Saturday, we headed up the side of Mt. Laguna for a chance to ride Indian Creek and Noble Canyon. I think Tim was trying to get to second base or something. Note the lack of shirt. He also refused to shave for several days, said it fit with the mountains and it was manly. He suggested I do the climb portion of the ride without my jersey. I told him no way, I didn't bring any protection (sunscreen).

He's really happy in the below picture. I flatted, which allowed him to ride one of his favorite parts of the ride twice.Of note, a hot moutain bike tire is much easier to change than a room temp 650c Michelin. So easy, I already had the tire changed when I saw him coming back. I thought about using my CO2 but who needs that much pressure in a moutain bike tire. Tim had the pump and we were off again in a jiffy. 

On another note, we have to find a new place to live as our current rental is being sold. Tim found a place on Craig;s List near where we like to ride. It's a double wide for $1500/month, but if we are willing to feed the cow's and emu's we could have a discount on the rent. Seriously people, feed the cow's and emu's for a discount. They could at least have some free range chickens or something.

Soon we were at Penny Pines. Home of the best artesian well west of the Mississippi. We refilled our water and had our version of a picnic in the mountains, a warm almond butter and honey sandwich on sprouted grain bread. After 3,000ft of climbing it sure tasted good.

Then it was time for dessert. The single track descent. We earned it and we ate it up. I love mountain biking. When you ride a "technical" section it feels like you are a legend of your time. After watching the video, I confess, I am only a legend of my mind.

But whatever, I am not hurting anyone.  Maybe if we believe in our minds we are doing something really spectacular we are better off.

 Last week I shared a lane in long course masters with a man who insisted he swam 1 meter/second. That would be a 1:40/ hundred meters (not yards, meters). I let him lead because I don't repeat on the 1:40. We hit the wall at 2:00 minutes. He said without cracking a smile that we were repeating on the 1:40. I thought maybe I miscalculated and followed him again. This time I threw in some drill work so I didn't run him over. We hit the wall at 2:05. He still insisted it was the 1:40. I confessed to Coach Terry what was happening. I was having a hard time not choking on the water I was laughing so hard. We decided whatever floated his boat was fine, unless of course he was a math professor.

 Tim and I are adopting some rules and doctrines by which we mtn bike.
 # 1 Single track is sacred and it shall not be disrespected with conversation.

Singing however is legal. It's actually performance enhancing and I was singing!
My tune: Video Killed The Radio Star


Tim said...

Nobel Bricks are just about the funnest way to spend a Saturday besides skiing powder.

cheryl said...

Funny about the 1:40 interval. I'd be cracking up too.

You should try tubeless on your mtb - very rarely flat, and you can ride lower pressure.

Charisa said...

I'm still laughing at your swim mate ;)