Big Bear Fun

Saturday Tim and I headed to Big Bear for the Snow Valley Xterra race. We decided to take full advantage of the few hour drive by heading up Saturday morning. We couldn't really just sit around in Big Bear "resting" knowing there were miles of single track to be explored. So we came up with an idea. Lift Service. Technically it's cheating, but it sure was fun.

Mtn biking is like playing. I couldn't wait.

My bike "Fat Tire Flossie" loves single track.

I'm not sure she loves hanging upside down from the chair lift though.
I asked Tim if he thought "Fat Flossie" was scared. He said "No way"

The miles went by pretty quickly. It wasn't quite all down hill. 20 miles of single track snuck up on us quickly. Time to call it a day and rest up for tomorrow. 

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