Sunday Funday

T -shirt dress.

Let me tell you. I love visiting my in-laws. Sunday morning we woke up and headed to Master's. I t was great. The session is only 60 minutes vs. 90 minutes. Allowing me to swim a little faster than usual and to swim a little after the set like an overachiever vs. a slacker who exits the pool 5 minutes early to start out on my bike.  I swam in a lane with my mother in law Super Star Cindy, and tried not to let her lap me too many times.  We came home and enjoyed some cappuccino and pancakes.  Yum.

While the caffeine kicked in and the pancakes settled Tim prepped our bikes. The rest of us watched with admiration. 

Then we were off to climb Mount D(iablo)

We did not let Bruce come. 

He is tapering for CDA.
He was forbidden. 
I repeat he is forbidden. 
 No  climbing. 
No  riding over 20 miles.
No running over 4 miles. 


Stacy said...

I love the T-Shirt Dress! Stylish yet functional...

tim said...

I am in pain because of you!

beth said...

i spy some lululemon!!!!