My mom sent me this picture from her walk the other day. 

Look Mom! Tim and I saw something on our bike ride too!
The first day of visiting Tim's parents in Northern California we had a photo op too. A snake. Tim and stopped our bikes. Tim ushered the snake out of the road with his front wheel. He said the snake was really cool and it took him a long time to get that big so he didn't want a car to run him over. I was not afraid of the snake, but I did annoyingly tell Tim "Don't you dare pick up that snake."Tim insisted he had know intentions of picking up the snake but I figured I couldn't assume he didn't have any ideations of being a snake charmer.
Later we stopped for something even more cool. A Bald Eagles Nest. We saw two bald eagles in the nest but it doesn't really show up on film. I guess you'll have to take my word for it. 

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Nikee Pomper said...

Love the T-shirt dress! Gold star for you going to masters AND a big ride. Keep up the great training