Recovery/ Dangerous Behavior

Dangerous Behavior

It's easy to find literature supporting the dangers of overtraining, the importance of tapering, and recovery. One never finds sources supporting the mischief one can get into during the recovery period. Without big workouts on the docket I have had ample time for things like yoga. Tim supports my yoga habit provided I ride my heavier-than-me mountain bike to class. He has watched every episode of the "Goode Family". Secretly I think he was hoping there wouldn't be parking for my bike and hoped I would have to ask the people at the studio to accommodate my non polluting bicycle. What an opportunity to emit smug. Fortunately or unfortunately  there is primo bike parking in front of the studio. 
I have decided after bike commuting the piddly distance to yoga that maybe Ironman athletes are not the best endurance athletes in the world. That title probably should be given to the homeless people who push their bikes loaded with everything they own all day long.  Elizabeth mentioned that she used to ride her bike to People's Market in OB and get groceries. Inspired by that I decided to practice by riding my bike down to the La Jolla Village in search of a T-shirt dress. Tim and I might be an episode of Seinfeld. I said the t-shirt dress was cool. Perfect for going to the pool or packing for post GWL rides. I am all about the 30-second parking lot change. Off jersey, dress on over sports bra, shorts off and you're dressed like a normal person for post ride Starbucks. This is a great alternative to the towel around your waist clothing change where you pray the towel doesn't fall down exposing you to everybody around. Tim said that a t-shirt dress is what usually is donned by 300lb women paired with big gulp slurpies. The kind sold at Vons with the silhouette of a skinny lady silk-screened on. I was determined to prove Tim wrong and he was so proud of me for riding my carbon emission free mtn bike that I had carte blanche. So off on my mtn bike I went to prove that recovery is dangerous. 


beth said...

today i saw elizabeth and stacy, but no jennifer out at the GWL times two!!! where were you? working or something stupid?

i commend your yoga habit. i have one too.
we're riding palomar/cole grade on friday (me, james and triathlete boy from finland)- if you are's out for summa!!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a picture of the dress. Sparky.