Cake Wars

As mentioned below, never trust a Neuschwander male in the final 10 minutes of a workout or with your dessert. They informed me I had married into the most competitive family in the country as evidenced by "cake wars."

When Tim and Seth were kids their father would stick his fork into Tim and Seth's cake and steal the first bite. He would say 10%. You have to learn to tithe. This infuriated Tim and Seth, but as kids, there wasn't much they could do about it. Tim and Seth grew bigger than their father. One day they got really bold and ganged up on their father. They intercepted with their forks and stole the first bite of Bruce's cake. Thus Cake Wars were born. Women are immune to these battles. 


Anonymous said...

Sparky gives a paws up on Riley sporting those sunglasses, and has an eye on Cindy's cake.

cake wars historian said...

This is the first time that actual cake wars have been photographed and recorded in a written record. In the past, they had been rumored to have occurred but there had never been concert proof of their existence.