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Home Sweet Home
Last weekend I spent moving. It was quite a job. The moving process was aided greatly by Tim (my superhero boyfriend). Without Tim's assisntance I'd still be sitting on my knees packing boxes in Carmel Valley. Not that Carmel Valley living is a bad life, it's actually pretty swell. It just that I always thought it would be really cool to live in La Jolla.
Since I arrived in California almost four years ago I have had a love affair with the village and the the cove of La Jolla. Originally I was a travel nurse with a 3 month contract and no plans to stay. I would take all of my guests to La Jolla. Everybody loved it. Nobody could complain that the beauty wasn't enough (although there were a few comments about the seals stench). During the course of my stay I showcased the La Jolla Cove to my parents, my Aunt and Uncle, my girlfriends Charity and Elizabeth from Michigan, my roomate from college. I would on occassion drive to Torrey Pines or the cove and go for a run then read a book in the sun. When I joined the tri club two years ago the Friday night Cove swims became an event I looked forword to. I remember how nervouse I was to swim in the ocean at first. The 1/4 mile buoy was a long way out for me. Hanging out before the swim in the grass and visiting with friends was my incentive to swim. After the swim there was always a gang walking to someplace in the village for dinner. I loved the lifestyle. At the time I started these swims I was thinking of taking an assignment further up the coast like LA. LA would have been a lot more money but I didn't think the swims would be the same. ( Swimming in LA .....not so much). Definitely not the scenery.
So after a weekend of hauling boxes and stair repeats instead of a 4 hour training run I live in the village of La Jolla. It sort of reminds me of my flat in Petoskey. Although, I am about a 1/3 mile from the water now and Petoskey didn't have a Maserati dealership down the street. Anyway the qualities of life that appeal to me exist here and I am happy. I am 1/4 mile from church , the grocery store, Bev mo, and 1/2 mile from the cove. There are lot's of quaint and funky coffee shops, taco shops, fine dining, designer clothing stores, etc, etc. Despite the fact I like to eat at home, and "try" to save money by brewing my coffee myself although Pannikin is hard to resist at times. I love the atmosphere. It's funny how time flies. It seems like just the other day I was viewing these sights for the first time. Funny I don't feel like I've changed but I look at pictures and I certainly have.

Nice and Cozy:)

You didn't really think my bikes would sleep in the garage did you?

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tim said...

your new place is awesome!!!