The Engagement

Almost two years ago now Tim and I started dating. This was before I became the founder of and the owner of two pink bicycles. Tim and I met at a post swim workout with the tri club. Apparently I caught his attention while explaining to another health care professional my "you grew it ,you move it" policy in assisting the baraitric population with their needs in repositioning. Ok not very PC of me but did make Tim chuckle and apparently caught his attention. As it turned out we both had the next morning available and plans to go cycling. It was suggested by a not so innocent bystander that we ride together the next morning.
We did enjoy the ride together. Apparently Tim had expected me to be really slow, wimpy, and whiny. He kept commenting on how strong of a rider I was and how surprised he was. Secretly I thought he was just trying to flatter me. Where I am from (The Upper Pennisula of Michigan) weakness, wimpy, and whiny aren't allowed. I mentioned that my riding wasn't that special. After all I wasn't all faster than Tim. I had never even riden more than 50 miles. To this Tim off handely replied that no girl(non pro pf course) had ever dropped him and he would marry the first girl who did. Hmmmm......I had a couple of thoughts A) He has potential. It's not if but when I will drop you. B) Concern because fools rush in and potentially I could drop him tomorrow. Then what he'd have to choose to be a liar or a fool ;) This worried me. I didn't want to slow down but I hoped I wouldn't drop him too soon. I really liked this guy.

Anyway Tim and I hit it off and rode further than I had ever ridden that day. We also enjoyed lunch at a little cafe on the coast. Oh and by the way Tim tried to drop me going up Torrey Pines but he couldn't. The following weekend I entered my first triathlon. Tim came to watch or rather scope out the age # written boldly on my calf. He had googled me and found race results dating back to 1999 so he was worried I might be old:) THANKS.

Tim must have been satisfied as a day later he e-mailed the following:

Sore from yesterday's race? Rode Torrey Pines yesterday in 6:04. I'll buy you dinner if can you ride it under 9 min. We still riding manana?

My response was this:
No I'm not sore and you are on. Can't wait to ride manana. Glad you got a ride in yesterday.


And the final word in edgewise from Tim:

Maybe I should up the cutoff.

Well as things would have it I had no problem making the cutoff time. In fact I dropped my chain twice and still made it. It was then I thought hmmm.......maybe he really likes me because this cutoff was too easy. Tim made me dinner. In fact he even burned a few quesidellas while entertaining me with his guitar as we waited for the bbq.

As time went on I looked for opportunities to drop Tim. Actually if you read the archives of this blog you'll find a couple good idroppedtim stories. None however would he own up too. Then the rules changed stipulations occurred. Blah, Blah, blah as my brother Tom would say.

So as time wore on Tim and I felt we might be ready for marriage. Tim claimed there was only once thing left to do. I had to drop him. I said I already did (read the archives for those tales). It was determined that I must drop him while he had the ring but I would never know when he had the ring. I was supposed to always be on my toes. This seemed like a raw deal to me.

Sunday March 9Th, Tim and I were supposed to be at Fiesta Island for the time trial before it was bright and early. In fact with the time change it would be cold, damp, and dark. We decided to skip the time trial and go to Pine Valley to climb Mt. Laguna. This is our favorite ride and it was Tim's idea. I was feeling pretty tired from the week of work, training, and recent move but wondered if I might have the opportunity to drop Tim. As we started the ride the wind howled. Somehow it swirled all around us. It was NEVER at our backs but didn't seem to slow us down. Tim started talking about the bonus points for winning the climb in the Tour of California or Tour De France. This is called the King of the Mountain. We discussed where on this ride "KOM" would be written on the road, where the bonus would be given. King of the Mountain you mean Queen of the Mountain I thought. The desire to become the QOM crept over me and propelled my pink bike up the mountain. My mind began to formulate and plan for how I would accomplish this. My energy level rose and I forgot I was "tired" today. A mile or so later we came upon a huge boulder in the road. (Glad I wasn't in the way when that rolled down). Tim asked for my camera and told me to ride past while he took a picture. I pedaled beyond the rock then paused for Tim to put away the camera. I balanced on my bike and proceeded slowly for a few seconds. Thinking Tim would soon catch up. As I resumed my normal pace I realized if I picked it up a bit I could drop him. I looked back and warned "I'm going to drop you now. Catch me if you can."With that I accelerated as fast as I could to the predetermined KOM point. When I got there I jumped off my bike and threw my hands in the air in a V for victory salute. I shouted"QOM, QOM." "I'm the Queen of the Mountain and I dropped you." (Despite this obnoxious behavior) Tim agreed and out from his pocket he pulled a little green box and down on one knee he proposed. According to Tim I thought about it for a minute, flipped a coin and then said yes. That's not true though. I said yes right away.


I drop boys

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