Jet Setters

At the ripe age of 30 Tim and I have proven to be jet setters. Yes, we have.
It has become routine that on a powder day we fly in to Oakland. Ok, maybe not routine but fairly frequently. Bruce (Tim's Dad) picks us up and Riley happily licks our faces on the ride to Tim's folks. We spend a few hours visiting before hitting the hay to power sleep. Sweet dreams of powder float through our heads. In the morning, we rise early for a hearty homemade breakfast. The drive to Kirkwood takes about 3 hours, but it's well worth the drive. I usually sleep part of the ride to the ski area. I have to store up my energy for the adventure.

Lunch in the sun
Epic, Epic, Epic

Tim's Gramps came with us last time. He has been skiing at Kirkwood since the resort opened. Tim brother Seth comes too. In fact he has been known to occassionaly borrow his Dad's skis for the last run of the day. Secretly I think he wishes he was a skier.When we arrive we ski hard looking for epic runs with untracked powder. We hope to have a run leaving us with the chance whsiper "epic, epic, epic"

Seth, The Alpine Imposter

After a few hours of skiing we get the back pack and the great lunch we have packed. The best part of this is that in California you sit outside and enjoy lunch. You bask in the warmth of the sun. After the sub zero temps of the East, I rather enjoy this. After lunch we head out and hit the slopes again. We try to get as much skiing or riding in as we can before we have to head home. We always leave the mountain a little later than we should. On the the ride back to Pleasanton I try to at least stay awake as we descend the mountain. I fight my falling eyelids. It is no use fighting and I fall asleep. You see... I am a hard packed, glare ice girl by trade and this powder (warmed and turned heavy by the sun) has given my legs a once over. All the things that make your ski gear great in a race course are going to make you work in the powder. That skinny aero dynamic basket on my ski pole....Ha sunk in practically to the grip. Those riser plates desingned to stiffen the ski ...ugg. They are heavy in the crud. And what do I have to say about these things.....bring it on. I love it. My goal: To be a big mountain, all mountain girl.

When we arrive back in Pleasanton we have been lucky enough to enjoy Cindi's wonderful cooking. I wish she could come skiing with us but a torn ACL and multiple knee surgeries keeps her off the mountain. After dinner, we rush to the airport to catch a 9:00 pm flight back to San Diego. Unfortuanately we don't have time to help with the dishes or unload the car as we rush to the airport. We board the plane and head back to sunny SD (as Tim's mom does the dishes and his dad stores our gear:) Not a bad life .

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