When The Sun Is Not Sunny

All these blogs with pictures of the sun shining and no hint of rain and I know my readers are thinking "this blog is make believe...that girl is a sham". Well I'll admit it. In to my life rain does fall! However that is no excuse to sit around twiddling my thumbs. There is always something to do even when the wind blows.

When the wind blows my Dad gets out his surf board.
 When it is windy, misty, and cold my parents enjoy running trail 1/2 marathons which include tripping on tree roots and climbing up boulders on their hands and knees. To celebrate the event they hang out (wet and sweaty in the cold)  awaiting jars of homemade jam for placing in their age groups. Umm...wouldn't normal people cut the 13.1 mile chase and just head to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. Oh yeah, that's right you don't get a free t-shirt for attending the Farmer's Market. There has to be a better way for a 2 year old to spend their time on a rainy day. Let's think about it.....
I know ....The U.P. Children's Museum 

There is plenty to do there. Just use your imagination and try.  Often when I fall down and hurt myself I say "Childrens Musuem. 5 Minutes make it better". Good thing we got the yearly membership.
Trust me. It's good times I swear!

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