Enduring Fall, Fun, and Festivities!

Well folks. I think the fall color is at it's peak.
My Mom seems incapable of riding her bike more than 2 minutes before stopping to take a picture.
I, on the other hand, stop for more important things. To mix with the people. I am making friends.
There is a new boy in my life. We have a standing date Wednesday mornings. First it's a 7 mile run with the "Muffin Movers" then it's Baby Cakes for muffins. Our parents may dictate the pace of the run, but we....we dictate the choice of the muffin!Off the record I'm a little mad at my Mom for letting me fall a bit behind my guy on the final climb. How embarrassing!
 Fall is a great time of year for racing. My parents are on the "Think Global Race Local" race circuit for sure. So far since we have arrived to town it has been an off road triathlon, and off road 1/2 marathon, and this time it was an enduro race.
In case you aren't familiar with an enduro race it is a race that requires the fitness of a cross country rider with  the skills of a downhiller . According to my Mom it feels a little like having a psych disorder with ones self talk OK her self talk vacillating from "slow down you are out of control" to "oh my gosh you Granny, pick it up ...it's race day and you are holding up the show" Apparently it is a bit scary, potentially embarrassing since you are mounting your bike on a pile of rocks in front of an audience and exhilarating.  
I was focused and determined just like my Dad! My hard work paid off with another trip to the podium.
 After the awards I tested out the first place spot on the podium. I stood on it and waved my hands in the air then jumped down triumphantly. I told my Mom to try it too, but she indicated that somehow it wasn't appropriate. The joy of being a two year old. If she wants to enjoy the big stump she'll have to practice the trails the race is on and increase her skills exponentially. My Dad says she should  not be racing an enduro on a hard tail. She really needs full suspension. But then again maybe he just likes building up new bikes.
My parents. They sure do like to ride their bikes.

I enjoy biking but I am better at diversifying my interests. I like running and feeding ducks.
Until my next adventure ! Enjoy some color!

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