Porches, Parks, and Picnics

The view from my front porch is splendid. I could spend all day just sitting and enjoying a tea party. Ok, truth be told and reading at least 50,000 books.

 Morning, noon, and night it is a great place to be....but Mamma says there is more fun to be had and more things to see.

So off to my favorite places we go!
Yeah you! C'mon! Don't be shy. Join us.
Follow me. I know the way and beleive me I have everything you could possibly need in my rig. Hand sanitizer, wipes,dipes, sand toys, books, stuffed animals, swim gear, change of clothes, lunch ....on second thought maybe I will let Mama Mama do the pushing so I can save my energy for the beach.

Aqua jogging is just the ticket.

I'm not afraid to get my feet wet.
Or to negotiate for what I want...such as a floaty toy.Of course if my Mom brings me an identical one from home I really am not interested. It just seems better if it belongs to somebody else.
Recently I got to hang out with my cousins and their friends on Lake Michagamee. We ran as a pack. I was the smallest member of the pack but still part of the pack. It was awesome!!!! I was loving it.

On other days I picnic solo.
I was so delighted when my Mom let me run around with the whole bag of Goldfish crackers! It was a win-win. Whatever I spilled went to feed hungry birds and snuffling dogs. Not even 2 in this picture and I am already an animal rights activist.
 In addition to riding ponies I am learning to ride a caterpillar.
I call it "Widng A Patakiller" . You know caterpillers or patakillers as I refer to them  go up and down and round and round like the greatest of the single track mountain bike trails around here. My family decided that "Widing a Patakiller" should be the name of a really fun trail. Trouble is all the trails have names and signs already. So guess what? My Dad and I are building a trail called "Widing a Patakiller" It's going to be really, really fun. We do this every time my Mom goes off riding her bike. My Mom is just like the story of "The Little Red." Does she help with the help dig the dirt? No. Does she help move the rocks? No. Does help trim the branches? No. Is she going to ride the trail? You betcha!

 When I get bored of the low riding caterpillar I move it on down the bike path 3/4 mile (which I can run myself!) to purple airplane park and practice my flying.

I'm also known to practice my horse back riding but that is yet another park. I guess we'll save it for another day.

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