It's Your Birthday!

Hey, hey, it's your birthday!
Wait a minute! It's not your birthday. It's mine
Well don't mind if I toot  - toot my own horn!
We had a fabulous spread of homemade food!
 Don't forget the cake!
 Progressing from age 1 to age 2 has been a wonderful and wild ride. I endured 2 moves and a landlord that verbalized her disapproval of children hah beyond verbalized was stupid enough to write her blatant discrimination in letters that I kept in case I am ever in financial crisis and I need to sue her for to pay for my college education or to use as some sort of inspiration in a college admission essay.
 Anyway. That is water under the bridge and I'm on the upswing these days. I got Grandma Judi (sometimes I accidentally say Grandma Doo-Ji) helping me fly high.

So we celebrated my birthday a few days early because my cousins were in town camping and Grandma Judi was visiting too. Plus I had my first gymnastics class on my real birthday and  I couldn't hardly go jumping around with a belly full of cake could I?
Well low and behold my birthday party was on the same day as the Xterra Marquette race. A first year race needs to be supported by all interested able body athletes so of course my parents were in. My Dad did the long course. That's why you see him napping on the floor. Gee, and I overheard him giving my Mom a hard time...something about being in shape because she sleeps 9 hours a night and run 10 miles a day. Hah!

My Mom raced the shorter version. She didn't have time to be racing all day and throwing a fab party now did she? No! Don't be silly. Not even Martha Stewart would attempt that. She must have been worried about getting home for my party in time because she raced so fast she left the field of women behind and most of the men. She didn't stop there. After that race, she raced her bike again. This time  home for a quick shower and to collect Grandma Judi and me. We headed back to the park for awards and to watch my Dad finish. I got to go up on the podium! Yee haw!

 My Dad lit a fire on my cake post his nap on the floor and lit a fire on the course finishing first in his age and 4th overall with a very well executed race. My parents are finally learning that it pays to hold back a little in the first half. I wanted to climb the podium with him as well, but he needed to make a run to the store Brewery for beer milk and I needed a nap before my party.
 What a day!
 Hip! Hip! Hooray!

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