Weekend Update

Hello friends. It's Annika Ruth reporting in to let you know how much fun I have been having in the summer sun. What? It is not even summer yet? Well then, I love spring. The flowers are in bloom, the sky is blue and berries are in season.
Life is great. However, not everyday is easy. Life is not just one big bowl of cherries. For a case in point just look at the above picture. I don't have a bowl. I have a plate. I am not eating cherries. I am eating blue berries and blackberries which really are not in season quite yet.
They say people see glasses as half full or half empty but what about people who see their favorite pint glass break. Case in point not everyday is easy. I'll have you know my Mom was lying face down in a park with exhaustion when she was called for that pint glass.
Ah... a broken glass, well I guarantee there will be plenty more of those in her future.
But guess what? We drink up life! We make memories! The drinking of life makes the memory. The drinking glass doesn't hold the memories. So to the tune of a Kate Perry song "Raise Your Glass"
Or raise your spoon. Finally! I get another chance to feed myself yogurt. Mmm. It's good.
Don't worry about the mess Mom. I'll clean it up myself.
In the event, the only easy day was yesterday, photodocumentation.Take it when you get it.
Annenberg + Heated Splashpad = LA's best kept secret.

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