35 Candles

We celebrated my Dad's birthday this past weekend. I believe his birthday is actually a  holiday celebrated in the state of Vermont and by all Grateful Dead fans. We celebrated with cake and soccer.
Looks like three layer cake but it's four. It's also 3 day cake. Day One:Measure dry ingredients, sift, set aside. Day Two: Bake Cakes and make frosting. Day Three: Perform structural engineering to assemble a frost cake. King Arthur's chocolate cake layered with coconut cream cake. Coconut cream frosting on top. Chocolate mousse in between layers. Full disclosure in addition to coconut cream there is a pound of butter in the frosting.?
Day 2 wonder why in carnation you didn't just go to Sweet Lady Jane and buy a cake and splash some flour around the kitchen. Seriously?
 And for the most fullest disclosure when you do go to a sweet shop and order a sweet treat. JUST GET THE CHOCOLATE! If think you are saving calories, sugar, and fat by getting the banana shamana, coconut white I just eat light, lemon shmemon I'll be skinny in Heaven you might want read some recipes. Often there is more sugar and fat in bran muffin than a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Don't blame me...it takes more than magic to make bran taste yummy.
What do I know? I'm only 19 months and I know that an Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away.
I also know that family is pretty special and I love spending time with mine.
 Rumor has it my west coast picnics are numbered and our next move is in the works.
 My parents claim they found me a great place to live. I think it looks something like this. Based on the size of our current living dwelling this likely is it. You mean to tell me we are going to live in a place where the bathroom door doesn't hit the toilet when you open it? Don't get me wrong I only have first world problems and I am incredibly fortunate all things considered. It's just a little bit of a challenge not letting LA find your inner cynic. Considering what happened in Boston last weekend I am beyond thankful. the sadness and tragedy is beyond my comprehension entirely. Luckily instead of running Boston my parents were enjoying yet another passion. The slopes.
 At risk of exposing my sinful cynical sarcasm to all those who turn up their noses and say "You'd better like snow or you better have a shovel" (in a condesending tone with prideful glee as if this is the first time we have heard such a statement.)  I'm certain of a few things: My Dad would like to say "can it" and my Mom would like her boots to do the talking.   
 First time on skis in 2 years. Two years off is too long. She must have been monkeying around or something.

I can never be accused of monkeying around. I have got Giddy Up written all over me.

I found this horse on near the corner of 15 & Montana. Papperazi was staked out in the Whole Foods parking lot. I thinkit was a decoy. Good thing my Mom stuck to her guns and didn't let me steal the horse as I wished. It would have been all over the toddler tabloids by morning. 

Oh ...and just so you know. Do not believe any parent who says their toddler does not pick up after themselves. I do a fine job. Thank you.

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