Hippity Hoppity Hooray! Easter was a blast. I love Easter it means new life . Fresh air and flowers in bloom.
Not only did the Easter bunny hop up to my door and leave me some great goodies but it appears I got "my words " as well! I can repeat almost anything I hear. In case you are wondering those are 3 generations of family bunnies in the picture. All 3 bunnies snuck out of my crib and helped the Easter bunny that night.
My parents are very "green" and saved on space and parking by walking the 1 plus mile to church that morning. If only they let me walk I so could have turned the 1plus mile into three  miles by diverting for random porches,dogs, dog statues, snails, flowers, cracks. You name it I notice it.
And to think my Mom thinks I need to learn to entertain myself.
Ok ...safely entertain myself is her concern.
Here we are: Easter 2013 Family photo. I know we should have done better but there were a million people milling about. The sun was in our eyes and I was ready to hit the park across the street at that point.In case you are wondering ....my Mom is so not recycling that outfit. It is "upcycled" as it will just get better with time, like fine wine. Remember, this is Santa Monica. It is a sin to not bring your own bag so we cannot support landfill fashion.
Clearly I know a thing or two about fashion. Don't I just look like spring?
Or like I am made of springs and always ready to spring in to action.
My Mom on the other hand has her seasons and sports mixed up. Instead of "think spring" her outfit says I'm not sure if I am going to tennis or for a trail wind during hunting season. She's going to tell you it is moisture wicking, was on the sale rack and her clean dry shirt for story hour is in the stroller. I'm going to tell you when she wears it  she likes how the faster she runs the more the ruffles stick out straight behind her. When she  wears it she attempts to race men riding carbon fiber bikes with Zipps race wheels people on bikes up West Channel.  Not sure if they know about the race but we do! Game on and no entry fee.

I'm 18 months old. Almost 19 really.My Mom has been stifling my inner Picasso and finally got me some finger paints. Actually she found out 14 month old kids finger paint in daycare and felt guilty.  I really enjoyed myself for a solid 3 minute which totally made the 30 minutes of prep and cleanup a good use of my Mom's time. I made sure to learn the difference between blue and purple to make sure she is motivated to repeat the activity soon.

 On a daily basis I can get her to fork over the sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is great fun. I can draw with it, use it as a drumstick, and if my Mom didn't intervene I could use it as a lollipop. UGH! She's such a helicopter mother! Just wait until I'm a teenager.
 By far the best way to celebrate Spring is with surf, sun, and sand!

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