Summer time in Northern Michigan

My trip to Grandma and Grandpa's was awesome. You've all heard the Kid Rock song singing about summer time in Northern Michigan. It is no joke. Let me tell you it is something to sing about. It was a very special trip in oh so many ways. I'm still working on language acquisition so I am forced to keep the details short. I'll focus on pictures instead. The pictures will jog my memory in years to come.

One of the highlights of my visit was my Christening. How this for fabulousness? I was baptised in the same church by the same priest as my Mom....and I wore the Christening dress she and my cousin Madelyn wore. I must confess I couldn't squeeze into the shoes and a larger size was purchased for the occassion.
Family came from near and far for the occassion. In attendance were both sets of Grandparents. My Great Uncle Tom and Aunt Robyn became my God Parents and my second cousin Hannah joined them. 
Speaking of cousins. I absolutely love cousins. I met my cousins Madelyn (aka Maddy or Mads) and Sam.
We had a lot of fun together. We visited a  neighbor who is in the business of breeding deer and I watched as my cousins fed little fawns milk out of a baby bottle. Boy, do the fawns suck down a bottle in a hurry.
I met some of my Mom's neighborhood pals from Pte. Aux Chenes.  They keep talking about having a formal informal reunion. Sounds like a killer play date to me.
I fell in love with Sparky. He is a soft a silk. Gook, I call him. It sounds best when squeeled.
Grandma Judi saved some very special things for me from when my Mom was young. My Mom says that Grandma Judi is the very, very, best at playing dolls. The Raggedys (Ann and Andy) are her absolute specialty. Rumor has it they keep her quite busy. Apparently every time she turns her back they are up to something. When my Mom was young and went out to play with her friends the Raggedy's would come to life and get into all sorts of mischief and excitement.
Paddington Bear is my favorite. He was made for my Mom by my Great Aunt. I love  Paddington bear. Really with the heat wave and a coat of fur  he should wise up and off the jacket.
She and Grandpa know all sorts of tricks to keep me intrugued and entertained. Our visit lasted 2 weeks and I didn't get bored once.
Being up North on the 4th is something to treasure . We celebrated a few days early . Mostly so I could wear my outfit a  few more times. My Mom has serious wardrobe envy when it comes to my boots.

That's my Uncle Tom. He is great too !

I really enjoyed the classic days of summer. Running.Sunning. Swinging.Swimming. Hanging and Ice creaming! Staying up until the sun sets which is about 10 pm.


Lake Superior Love. The water is crisp and clean.

A U.P. town with it priorities straight. Skiing and cycling. Can you beat it?

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