Classic San Diego

San Diego is known for a few things. One being the beach, another the zoo. This week I enjoyed them both. There is a song I have heard more than once. It goes a little something like this... You belong in the Zoo. The San Diego, San Diego Zoo.

 The San Diego Zoo is a special place to my family. When my Dad was young he would come to San Diego and visit his Grandma and attend zoo camp. Neither of my Grandma's live in san Diego, If they did I'd be happy to stay with them and attend zoo camp. My Grandma Cindy was delighted to jet down from Nor Cal to share a day at the zoo with me. My Grandma Judi provided my zoo attire. If you look closely there our monkeys on my shirt. It's important to dress for the occassion. 

  My Dad is always calling me a monkey and was a little bit worried a mamma monkey might try to steal me. I made it home safe and sound though.

What would be summer without a Tri Club aquathlon. For most it is one part social and one part supper with some swimming and running for good measure. For me it was all pure sand and social.

Now I know why sleep is so important! It's my chance to dream up some more great adventures.

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Jackie said...

Have you asked your mom to move your crib away from the blinds yet? I know you are thinking about playing with them. Just a thought....