Memorial Day Memory Swim

 This morning master's swim at the pool was cancelled. Instead we met at La Jolla Cove. Before the swim began at 0700 we toasted, with 2/3 full Dixie cups of lemonade,  all the members of masters who have passed away.

I was excited my wetsuit was stretchy enough to fit.

Tim was excited his wife woke him up at 0600. On his one day to sleep in, she made him leave his warm bed and made him ride his bike all (5 miles) to La Jolla Cove. Warm bed vs cold ocean. A post swim mocha from Pannikin may have been the reason for the smile. 

Post swim. Smiling because I wasn't mistaken for one of the seals. However by the 4th of July...

The day is young so I am off to have more fun. Happy Memorial Day.


tim said...

Who's the bald guy?

GoBigGreen said...

Ok i judy caught up:) Congrats! HappyBirthday! You look awesome and cute:) And I love seeing pics of LaJolla, makes me smile! keep on smiing for two!