25 Week Fun

It's official.
Summer is here, as evidenced by Tri Club of San Diego Aquathlon on Thursday night.

Tim is not racing for two. He's racing for three.
Himself, his wife, and his baby to be.
It's a lot of pressure.
Faster Tim faster! 

You didn't think just because we were having a girl she'd be slow, weak, and wimpy did you?
Thanks to Julie she's the youngest member of "I drop boys"  and has very fashionable apparel.

As for me racing the aquathlon....I boycotted as there wasn't a division for pregnant women. Actually, that's not true, race directors probably would have made me my own division. I had legitimate concerns though about racing. You see, I can swim fine relatively speaking, face it if you are slow prior to pregnancy, you'll still be slow,  and no flip turns would be a bonus. I do believe that is where I loose my time in the pool these days. Running is no problem. I'm still running enough  to blow holes in my shoes.

I should pitch them, but they are currently my favorites...now I understand why men keep t-shirts with holes.

 The real concern would be my slow transition out of my wetsuit (provided I could sausage myself in to begin with).  After that I would struggle to get my running shoes on and tied. Bending over is a bit difficult and slow. By the time I got out of transition most people would be on the second loop of the run and that's where the danger begins. Yup, by the time I finished there would be a huge line for the post race buffet of pizza and salad. Being pregnant and at the back of the dinner line, now that is dangerous.

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