24 and 34

I am now 24.5 weeks pregnant. I count halves on this.
  I am now 34 years old. I don't count halves on this topic.
The bump is getting bigger.

Tim and I celebrated my  birthday in proper style.
 A morning swim and run before Tim headed to work.
I was lucky and had the day off.
Score 1for me!
I continued my celebration without Tim and got a pedicure.
Somehow, I do not think he minded missing that activity.

Lately I have noticed lots of things make me smile.
A few more of the little things that make me smile, in random order:


I am touched by the number of people who took the time to wish me well on this day. It's really neat reconnecting with people from all walks of life. I am inspired now to stop being such a Facebook slacker as it really makes a difference in somebody elses day.

This fabric:

It will be the back of Baby Neuschwander's quilt.
I love it and I click on the image at least 100 times a day.

I have a slight tendency to perseverate and become obsessed with things.

These Pom Poms:

Pom Poms! What ?

Seriously, could they be cuter?

 They are Martha Stewart party decorations.
How cool?

Photos credits from  the on line blog Into the Fun Lane and Pinterest.

The pom poms are a must !
Tim's going to be so excited to help me hang them ;)
Our baby's nursery will likely not look as chic as those ones.
I don't think she'll remember and hold it against us.

This Mug:

A gift from Stacy and it's the cutest mug ever.
Not only are the graphics adorable but it says what I believe to be true of most of the women I know:

"I am failry certain if given a cape and a nice Tiara I could save the word"

Says it all doesn't it? The key is it can't be any old tiara, it must be a "nice tiara" in order to save the world.

This birthday cake by Tim:

This is the same cake, Boston Cream Pie, Tim made for me on my birthday 5 years ago.
We had just started dating after meeting through the Tri Club San Diego.
Tim helped me get my birthday wish that year. It was to ride 100 miles.
How time flies!.
That memory makes me smile and a little teary eyed too.


cindy said...

That looks like a delicious birthday cake! Quilt making begins this weekend!

busy mama said...

Oooooh I love this fabric where did you find it? I tend to totally obsessed with things as well. Happy belated birthday Jen!

Paul said...

Tim can make a pretty mean cake huh? Happy Birthday and glad to see you are doing well! :)

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

@Paul cake was mean....we can have him recreate it next time you guys come over.
@ Busy Mama, the fabric is by Moda, the Sherbet Pips line titled "Girl in a tree swing" techinically a quilting fabric although I am seeing other uses :) Avail on line if you google it.