Washington D.C.

July 7-11

Tim won a scholarship to an the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Seminar (or something like that) in Washington D.C. This meant an opportunity for professional growth for Tim and for me, just an opportunity. I'd never been to Washington D.C. before and it definitely was on my "places to go" list. A few shifts swapped and I was in. It seemed they rolled out the red carpet for us.

We stayed at the convention center outside of the city. National Harbor is very " resortish", clean, and new.  The running was goodexcellent. Each day in enjoyed the a multi state run. Yup. I started in Maryland and ran all the way to Virginia and back. Like "honest Abe" I cannot tell a lie. It was only a few miles to the boarder.

I enjoyed the views from the Woodrow Wilson bridge. I could see the Washington Monument from the bridge. I really enjoyed running in Alexandria, Virginia. The cobblestone streets were cool. Yes, we were there during the heat wave. I'm not sure if it was the heat or the "darn cold" I managed to lug from from San Diego but I found myself seeking refuge underneath some sprinklers. Thank you to the City of Alexandria I owe you a cold one. Each day it seemed cooler and my cold a bit better. By day #3, I didn't even have to steal water from people's hoses.

 In the afternoons Tim and I took the shuttle into the city.

Correct me if I am wrong. I have the distinct impression that the East Coast exists for work and the West Coast for play. We grew tired and hungry while site seeing. Good thing we found a place to rest .

We found a Farmer's Market.
Tim said "it was grub"
In case you are wondering "grub" means good.
We were thoroughly impressed with our nations capital.
May I mention I wanted nothing more than to go for a swim. No disrespect to the nation's capital intended.
We were not allowed to tour the White House. That must be arranged 6 months ahead.

We had a tour of the Capital building.
The spiral staircase was classic.
We also got tickets from the State Representative for the Congress and the Senate.
 National Harbor is on the Potomac River. It looks inviting for swimming but I think there is something about swimming down river from a big city that is "no bueno"

Views from the nice air conditioned in door yet outdoor atrium. I find that so confusing. Anyway, Tim said if he was the next James Bond he would scale down the glass and save the president. I said, well then I would be the next  "Bond girl". I could scale down that in stilettos clutching a Prada purse. Tim did not get chosen as the next James Bond and I was not selected as a bond girl. (I'm really upset!)  It's back to the west coast.

Next stop for us. Vineman.


SSB said...

You're doing Vineman too? Hope to meet you there!

Sparky said...

An awesome trip. Will you be doing a scrapbook?

cindy said...

You are dressed exactly as the Bond Girl in the red carpet picture. You were ready for your part!

Charisa said...

My parents used to live in DC - fun place to visit. Great job at Vineman!