Lighting A Fire

Post race Tim and I always talk excitedly about all the things we want to change and improve for the next go round. Problem is I seem to forget those things in the time between races. Tim is measuring the size of his "hairy bagel" below.

This time I decided to beat myself to the punch. I scored a last minute entry for the Solana Beach Sprint on Sunday. I confess I didn't really think I wanted to repeat this race this year because last year I got dropped on the bike by a girl wearing skirt thingy and lipstick. My only hope is that she was wearing the waterproof lipstick, because if she reapplied lipstick in T1 and then dropped me, ugh. I realize though  that lipstick or no lipstick that's just my ego. Work and finances dictate missing opportunities and that's life, but I don't want my ego to ever stand in the way of racing. Racing is fun. It's the closest thing to flying.

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