Post Race Randomness

I am aware that I am slightly off tilt and semi outrageous so if you are ever offended reading my blog please note it's me not you. Sometimes things roll off my tongue and fingers without passing my cerebral cortex.

After 1/2 Ironman #8 The statement  "The more things change the more they stay the same."

Case in point  #1. In T1, I have an overwhelming  feel that I need to be swimming everyday. Maybe twice a day. I say before the next race I will. Once the race ends my bike casts a spell on me and I forget all about how I wanted to improve my swimming.

Case in point #2. After every race Tim and I talk about how much faster we could run if we lost 5 lbs by not eating so many cookies. It seems I practice my own form of triathlon on a regular basis. 5 hour ride, transition run, bake cookies. No wonder my swim is so's swim, bike, run not swim, bike, bake. Over the past year I have been replacing a portion of the butter with flax meal and increasing the flour content but seems lately flour has earned quite the bad rap.

Case in point#3. Sister Madonna Buder. 80 years old and still racing triathlon. She certainly doesn't seem to age much.Wonder what her secret is? Maybe she bathes in Holy water. Maybe she fills her bike bottles with communion wine.
Once I was hanging out with my Grandmother, Hilary Clinton came on tv. She was wearing a frumpy skirt. In a sort of dry, disgusted "kids these day" manner my grandmother said "I might be 80 years old but I still have better legs than Hilary Clinton." Age has slowed Madonna Buder down a bit but look at those legs. (Ok ...and her glowing smile)  How many women have legs like that?  Ever? Not even on the best day in their life. Do you think if she wasn't a nun she'd be posing for Playboy....the Senior Citizen Edition.


SSB said...

haha. In every race I tell myself I need to swim more. Then bike more. Then run more.

I met Sister Madonna the day before and she was awesome.

Congrats on the race. I was in a blue swimsuit with a dolphin on the front. Bummed I didn't get to meet you.

Stacy said...

Just lsat night I was thinking to myself, "I need to hang out with Jen moe. She has the best attitude around!" So you may not be the fastest, but one thing you always do best at races is have a great outlook. Never loose that!