Pizza Port and Beyond

Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to ride her bike. Once,while riding her bike she lost track of the time. The roads were endless and inviting. The day was not. Late in the afternoon her husband texted to say he was done with work for the day. She knew a good wife would high tail it home and make some dinner. After all her spouse worked hard all day.

She exited the rolling roads of Rancho Santa Fe and entered Solana Beach. The good wife would have headed south. She turned right and went north. Dinner and dishes would have to wait. She got a whiff of something very good. She texted her husband and told him to hop on his bike as quick as he could. After riding north she headed south to meet the husband. Once again she got a whiff of something good. Very good. In Del Mar, she met her husband. Together they rode north. Together they passed something that smelled good. Very good. After riding for a bit longer, they turned around. They were hungry and it was dinner time. There was nothing to eat at home. Oh Dear!

Happy Husband!

Wait a minute. Remember, something smelled awfully good. It was time for dinner. Pizza Port to the rescue. I will argue Pizza Port has the best pizza EVER. Or at least they did on that day. In lieu of dessert there was a leisurely ride up Torrey Pines en route to home. 

Dinner Time!

The next day, the very same girl ran and she ran. She ran to the pool. No stops for pizza, but she did stop for swim practice. It was test set day. She PR'd her 100M free. (Meters not yards, Meters) Then she ran and she ran and she ran. She just kept running. Not because she had to, because she wanted to.  She realized she really didn't want to stop. Finally she stopped because she didn't want to get injured and not be able to run. 

She once read "Keep Going. Because You Want To"
She thinks being able to "keep going because you want to" is the best feeling on earth.

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Marit C-L said...

I love it! Love it, love it! :) Pizza port = happiness. And that feeling of endless running... bliss :)