Things you see.

If you know Sunday will be all work, the preceding Saturday must be all play. Saturday's road ride started at 6:30 a.m. It wasn't my idea to ride so early but I am so thankful we rolled early. It left me with plenty of time for lunch, laundry and an afternoon ride on the trails.

Turns out it wasn't just me and my gang enjoying the trail on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We had company.

Hello there Mr. Snake.

One sees a lot while out riding a bike. That's for sure.

At the end of the day.....

I was too tired to cook, but a member of the clean plate club.


Sparky said...

I do not like snakes, but I do like having fun.

tim said...

I like the ankle bracelet. It's a Garmin for Whiskey Tangos.

Mer! said...

YEOWWWWW for the snake...tell me that wasn't YOUR front wheel that close and it was Tim's..not that it matters, but I saw one on my bike the other day and I was so far from it but I still freaked out!!!!! WOW!

And...wa whaaaaat was that?? A baby hanging on and a bigger kid in front? Seriously that baby couldn't have been older than Soren and it was dangling! NO WAY!!!