Mt. Laguna Fun

Saturday was an all day affair. 103 miles of fun. The Great Western plus Mt. Laguna loop. Although termed by some as the "Loop of Doom." I love it more than any other ride on pavement. This was the first time I got to share the entire loop with Tim.

Throughout the day we answered a few questions:
Question: Do you always dress the same?
Answer:  No, Tim draws the line at wearing an I drop boys kit.
Question: What is this Fat Cyclists thing about? Is it a team
Answer: Ummmm.....It's a long story. Then again it's a long ride burning off those Cheetos so let's roll :)

Laguna Girls
Biker Babes
Call us what you like. We got our ride on and life is grand.

In case you are wondering this ride was the idea of the German girl in the middle. The one wearing the pink jersey and smiling from ear to ear. Gee, I wonder why?


tim said...

One fat cyclist got dropped.

cindy said...

I've got another (perhaps frequently asked) question. Do you always bring along your own plastic lawn chair for photo ops?

beth said...

2 weekends with jen= 2 good weekends! what fun.
thanks for always reminding me that i need to get better, faster, stronger, so that i can not only do the rides with you, but so that i can pull off the front and keep smiling and circling back for my friends (you bitch!) hahah.

[can someone PLEASE give me a descending clinic?]