Traditions Old and New

Tim and I both grew up celebrating Christmas with a tree. Seems a little strange to me to celebrate Christmas with sunshine and no snow. However, Tim didn't grow up with any snow and he had a tree so we will carry on the tradition.

A wise women once said " it's good to be traditional, but you need to make your own family traditions. This is our second married Christmas. I officially declare it our tradition to ride the Great Western Loop, then cross the street to target and purchase a tree. Christmas is synonymous with cold, snow, and skiing. Riding the Great Western Loop is about as close to cold , snow , and skiing as it gets in San Diego County. This year, Tim had to go back to work after the ride. I manhandled the tree myself. I am relieved it didn't fall off the car on the way home. Rumor has it my bikes were jealous of the tree for riding on top of the car.

You are probably wondering why I didn't just use the tree that fell in the driveway during Monday's storm? So am I to be truthful.

Life sure is different in California than in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula). The standard way to get a Christmas tree in the U.P. was to get a permit and chop one down. Every year the tree fell on some neighbor kid. I don't think that was the year it fell on me. If you look closely there isn't that much snow. It's the deep snow that your Moon Boots will sink into as you try to run away from the falling tree.

An prophetic person once told me I would never change. Only the gear in my car would. Like I said "prophetic"


MM said...

Hi, I just found your blog. I had the same pink Huffy as a kid. And from the looks of it, our parent must have had similar tastes in dressing us :-)

Sparky said...

It is beginning to look like Christmas, especially here in the UP.What fun times you have!

Caroline said...

Oh the memories I share with you! The infamous tree cutting family escapades that took place back in MI. My family was always the pickiest, and took the longest to cut down our prized tree. I wish my dad didn't take all our pics on slides so I too could post a similiar family photo! LOVE IT!!!

Mike Russell said...

I just read your race report from IMAZ and it was fantastic. So what you do to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb next time is ask them when they pass you if they can go that fast WITHOUT working together. Regardless, great race...

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Love the photos - some things never change :) I am SO EXCITED to see snow this Christmas (fingers crossed, fingers crossed!) - even if it means I'll be really cold in the process (I hate being cold)!


We should ride together in January or Feb! I've been dying to try your GWL or Laguna loop with you!!