Light The Night

This time of year it gets dark shortly after 5:00 p.m.
The sun doesn't shine until 6:00 a.m.
For many, a run outside this time of year requires a light.
But it's so worth carrying a light.
Running in the dark reminds me of being a kid. As a kid, I had to complete my homework before heading out to play:( Play though, was filled with adrenaline. We had to cramit in as it was short lived. I specifically remember a span of time where we (we as in all the neighborhood kids) had to be home and inside before the evening news was over. To this day when I hear the theme song for world news tonight I still have a twinge of panic/angst.
Running before or after sunset brings back that feeling of adrenaline filled play.
This time of year running sans the sunlight offers a special treat. Christmas Lights. I can't think of a much better way to appreciate the season than an evening run. Many thanks to all those who lit the night. I know at least one person who enjoyed it.


tim said...

We almost got some "free" Xmas lights on our run on saturday. Some people were setting up lights at a mansion on the top of the hill and they were strewn all over the sidewalk. If you weren't with us, Paul and I would have taken the 5-finger discount!

Sue said...

Funny, it snowed here a bunch last night, kids "played" until wee hours, right before bedtime. Ours are never inside...luv that!! And a jingle bell run on thursday night for the "U13"...5k with coco afterwards:) Life is good

Mike Russell said...

Great photos. It would be exceptional to run down a street that was so well lit...

Charisa said...

Agree - this time of the year is best for running at night - so many awesome lights to look at :)