One Sunday Later

I slept in while Tim ran.
The air was cool and calling for hot chocolate.

Couldn't pass on the whip cream now could I?

My trusty, but not rusty friend.

Ready for a tailwind home.

For the record:

I drafted Tim the whole way there.

Just when I could no longer hold his rear wheel a passing roadie gave me a mighty push.


Stacy said...

I can't stop looking at the hot cocoa and wanting some! And to think you were drinking that when I was freezing my a** off on the GWL. Some friend you are... Next time none of this "I just did an Ironman" excuse stuff.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Yeah, Great Western and Laguna are my favorite places to ride around here...but Starbucks can't compete with Pannikin. If there only was a Pannikin on top of Laguna. Ahhh. Now that would be heaven.