IMAZ Pic Preview

Wouldn't want to struggle finding my gear bag so I added a little something, something.

Post race pizza...not so much. Frozen yogurt with extra toppings. Right on.
Except for the post race shivers that forced me to fill the tub with hot water. Then eat fro yo in the bath tub. Once again....right on.

Best of All.....

Getting home and seeing the note I left my husband and reading what he wrote back.

See he underlined the "so proud" and used an explanation mark.

Post race Ironman tattoo.
Not for me.
An S dot (16.1) tattoo.
It that washes off yet still tells the world I 'm the champion of my block.
Thumbs Up.

More to come but be forewarned a long hard fought race equals a long race report.


timothy Neuschwander said...

Bummer I thought you actually got a real S-dot tattoo.

Caroline said...

I can't wait to read your race report! I loved racing with you on Sunday and can't wait to tear it up together again next season. GREAT RACE! Hope your legs are feeling better than mine. Concrete = cankles, not cool!

Sparky said...

Da Yoopers are all so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

We were tracking you though out the day. Very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Seth and Valerie

Shan said...

I'm SO happy for you Jen, and really excited to read your RR. I miss the days of riding with you SoCal ladies. I'm dreaming of a trip down to SD in the spring - I'll bring my bike!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

Rachel said...

can't wait for the race report. congrats jen! you rock. i want to hear about this digging deep.

if you want, i can take a look at that stroke of yours sometime. :)

happy thanksgiving. enjoy noko's cooking. it's to die for.

Anonymous said...

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