Tuesday's Adventure

Tackling Tuesday

Recently I made a choice the limit the consumption of antioxidants from sources such as Ghiradelli chocolate chips and mixed salted nuts. I would say red wine too but honestly I seem to rarely drink anything but coffee and sports drinks. So instead I began taking a multi vitamin and fish oil ....I know I should always take a multi vit but I leave for work at 0600 and don't always eat breakfast before work. Anyway I was testing the defibrillator at work one morning after vitamins on an empty stomach....I got all clammy, sweaty, and almost lost it. Anyway I got out of the habits then and started letting the vitamins slide so now I am back on the straight and narrow. So if I start showing great improvements you'll all know it's the Trader Joe's vitamin's ....

Maybe if I take fish oil I'll start swimming like a fish. Hmm now that is reason too take it.
Tuesday I did a long run. It was a very very cool run. I ran with Elizabeth up a cool super secret path up Mt. Soledad. It was hard core and exploited all the weaknesses in my core as I struggled to keep from sliding to the bottom. Now this is how you really know Elizabeth is a mom. She has eyes in the back of her head. She caught me walking behind her. The trail was so steep I could walk as fast as I could run. I figured though that it was the cowards way out and I should have kept running. We ran down the fire road which I had never done and it was super cool. We started talking about cool marathon's like Catalina. Someday I'll do that marathon since I like the hills. By the time we went our separate ways I was down to the single digits. I could have ran up Soledad again and accompanied Elizabeth home but I chose to work on my marathon pacing on the flats (flattish).

After the run I felt really good. I was prepared to feel terrible so I had all sorts of recovery aids. 3 bags of ice. Epson salt. You name it I had it. I usually only use one bag of ice per tub of cold water. I decided if one was good then two would be better....why not clean the freezer and throw in three bags of ice. I also added some Epson salt ...couldn't hurt right. Oh crap...forgot about basic chemistry...the salt helped cool the water really fast. Oh my gosh....I have never been so cold. I know it's an ice bath but that was the worse ice bath EVER. More stressfull than the entire run and no scenic view. Finally gave in and started adding warm water to the tub. Oh dear ....a day in the life of me.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Woa - NICE WORK running up Soledad! Holy Cow - that's hard core. Hee hee about the ice bath. Good for you - those suckers hurt! Nice to meet you at Encinitas!!

Anonymous said...

Sparky says fish oil tablets are his start the day reward.