Encinitas Pics

Stacy and I ...just after our press conference with Triathlete Magazine. We answered all sorts of questions about dropping boys of course. They asked Stacy to start giving "Dolphin Dive" clinics.
(Just kidding of course).

Oh Good Lord...that guy is chasing me down!

Quick wave to Pat as I try to fend off that guy and keep Stacy in view.

I like the guy two places back...he looks like he's checking himself out. He's probably just looking over his shoulder to make sure he's not about to be chicked. Sorry boys.

Elizabeth and I post race....getting ready for the Sunday morning Home and Garden Tour. A.K.A. an hour of running where Elizabeth is destined to find a steep hill for me to accidentally and uncontrollably surge up and then gasp for breath. I'm so predictable:)


tim said...

looking fast!!!

cindy said...

and fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Sparky says my four legs will give you a run for your money when you are here in August.