Birthday Weekend

Since there was no race on the docket this week I had to go and have a birthday to keep things lively. Thanks to everybody who helped me celebrate and all of the well wishes on face book, on the phone, and in person.

I was prepared to have a mellow birthday. I am gearing down to gear up for next Sunday's little event:) I had no "epic" rides planned, not even a double workout day. So Saturday morning started with me lazily sipping coffee and surfing blogs, facebook, and online window shopping . I was trying to be quiet and good while Tim slept post call. I figured the less I disturbed him the sooner he would be up and able to go for a ride. Just as I was about to place an order for some apres-Great Western Loop clothing, I noticed a new e-mail. Elizabeth was intervening on my lazy latte day and invited me to yoga. That was enough to spring me into action. The post workout wear was x'd off my screen and out of mind as I flew out the door to yoga. The studio was only a few miles from my home but I had never been to this one before and took the least direct route. I also hit all the red lights. I was actually late for yoga which is against all yoga laws but Elizabeth talked to the teacher before hand. I think she pulled the it's my friend's birthday and she only knows how to navigate places on her bike. Anyway it worked and we had a good class.

On the way home from yoga Tim texted me and asked me to pick up supplies for the birthday cake he was making me. His family's famous buttermilk cake. Yummy. Soon I heard from Tim again stating I better hurry up because we had to be home from our bike ride by 5 p.m. Where are we going I my mind what could be more important than completing getting in our planned mileage:) Tim didn't really answer. I asked if we were going to another friends party? I was confused as Tim was acting like we were going but when discussed previously he had not been in favor since it was in East County, likely to go late, and he had to work early in the morning. I thought I could convince Tim to go further on our bike ride but he said "no, we have to be home by 5 p.m." We ended up home before 5 p.m. and I insisted on finishing out my ride on the part to get him to spill the beans on just why it was so important we be home (stubborn me). Tim looked at me, spinning away with a copy of Runner's World balanced on the handle bars, with a bit of concern. We have to leave at 5:45 and you might want to dress nice. O.k. ....vanity got the best of me and I ditched the trainer and hit the shower. I threw on a sundress and Tim said well you might not want to get to fancy as we could be going to a burger joint. Yeah right??? We only go to In & Out when we are starving post race. Usually we haven't even showered yet.

Soon we got in the car with a loaf of Tim's warm bread and the cake. I had one job to hold the cake a not let the frosting smudge. Our road is very curvy and despite the safety of the Subaru Tim must have cornered too fast :) The cake slid and the frosting was sticking to the side of the cake container. We headed over Soledad in the usual fashion but we didn't turn where we usually turn. We stayed straight. I mentioned to Tim that it was the way to go if he was riding his bike to Pat and Elizabeth's house. He acted like we were going into PB. Then we turned onto Elizabeth's street. Oh...we were going to Pat and Elizabeth's for dinner. Elizabeth greeted us but as we entered we saw not only Pat but Julie & Jon, Stacy, Paul , Suzie, & Spencer. Surprise they hollered. Oh what fun. I'm not sure how they kept me out of the loop for so long but they did a good job of it. We had great fish taco's and enjoyed good company. The gang had heard so many stories regarding the plants on my porch vs. the snails they each got me a plant. Now my porch looks really cool. It looks like I am a real gardener or something so I promise to nourish my plants with more than the dredges from my water bottles :)

Sunday Tim worked all day. Stacy came over and we had the most ideal morning. A run that went up Soledad followed by a wrong turn leading to a Better Homes and Gardens tour of a new neighborhood. Then it was breakfast at Pannikin and a stroll through the farmers market. I love the LJ farmers market;). Tim thinks that the "farmers market" is all a big scam and all the vendors go to Costco and repackage the produce to say "Mike's Organic Farms" or something like that.


Anonymous said...

Sparky says birthdays are fun and is looking forward to his next month.

Stacy said...

Did Tim try those Strawberries? So Good! Definately not the Costco variety.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Tim couldn't try the strawberries because I ate them all :)