San Diego March 23-27

Almost a week already since we've been back from Sun Valley. Despite stating "I'm swimming slow and bailing early" at Wednesday p.m.'s masters I swim the fastest timed 100 hundred of my life. I also nailed the hypoxic hundred 4X 25 yd without breathing....well not exactly get 25 EZ between each 25 without breathing. Not bad for not swimming in 10 days...well minus that half lap across the pool pictured above. I almost sunk in was hot and after dinner and a few sips of Tim's beer...coupled with the altitude (I'm going to wear the altitude excuse out aren't I) Anyway Wednesday night I made a major breaktrhough in my swim. I owe it to the the 50'ish year old male lane mates who wear a bit crash and gave me a lot of flack about my girl power swim cap. One was not afraid to tap my foot to remind me to speed up. The other would say "is that all you got...girl power" What I got gentleman is a history of designing custom Splish speedos so watch out. I tried to repeat my breakthrough at noon on Thursday but couldn't recreate it. Maybe the arms were tired.....or maybe I needed a slap in the foot to wind me up. Sometimes it takes a bit to transition back form vacation.....Last week at noon I was meeting Tim for lunch here....see below. Well there wasn't that much snow but it was nice.

Since I have been back I have been a bit confused about which sport I am training for.....well a least nobody can accuse me of over training or over thinking next weeks race. Race ????Next weekend.... Well at least I'm signed up this year....I think.


tim said...

anyone taking bets on how many minutes Jen will beat me by this weekend?

Cindy said...

Maybe it will be a dead heat. You will feel dead and Jen will be heating up with a new PR.