Age Graded Champ

I know I am a bit behind on my blog but lately all my funny stories have been embarrassing. Including my "race reports" and the Switzerland trip.....which I really will blog about. Not me meaning embarrassing as far as bad results but embarrassing in terms of me looking rather silly and foolish... I don't want to blog about those sorts of things but my loving husband Tim thinks those are the best stories. Hmmm. Why would I want to embarrass myself when I can embarrass somebody else.

So scrolling back a few blogs ago there was the blog regarding the family challenge and the Carlsbad Half. There was the great debate. I would like to formally announce that Bruce , my father in law, has been determined the age graded champ. For his efforts and to encourage future efforts he has been awarded a custom swimsuit by Splish (great company BTW....they were very helpful in creating this fine suit). Bruce you earned it. Wear it proudly.

Wear it proud!


tim said...

And if you lose the title of Age Graded Champ I think you have to turn the suit over to the winner.

Cindy said...

The suit made its debut today at Master's swim workout. It made quite a "splash". It must be great to be the age graded champ!