A good week. March 8-14,2009

I have had quite a fun week since last Saturday's club race and Honey Springs ride. I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then I was free. I work 12 hour (+) shifts, so yes I do work full time. After that I was free to play to my heart's delight or maybe to my HR max. Tim was working a ton so he couldn't really play with me. I wish he could have. All I could do to even the score was make three loaves of french bread and two batches of cookies.

Wednesday Pat, Elizabeth and I rode the Great Western Loop to Descanso. It was such a fun time. I really love this ride and think I am making great improvements. This might not be evidenced by my speed but I think I was able to talk the entire time. Including climbing the infamous "wall". It's lucky that telling a story up the wall is a requirement. If people didn't like my chattering they might not ride with me. Tim was post call that day so he had arrived home just before I did. Not so good.  I tend to be very bouncy around the house after a good ride and Tim was trying to sleep. Poor Tim. I did use that time to make cookie dough, then bribed Tim to go to evening Master's swim in exchange for cookies. Master manipulator. I refused to bake the dough until after masters. It was nice sitting in the hot tub after swim. Ahh.

Thursday I went for a long run. My friend Stacy came over to hang out/run with me. She has Thursday mornings off. We planned to run together. I manipulated her into an hour hilly run when she had intended to run 45 minutes flat. I figured she wouldn't even notice because she is the kind of runner who floats. I don't even think her feet touch the ground. It was tough catching up on all the news while running fast. I am sure everybody in La Jolla cove heard our news. When I huff and puff I tend to shout. I ran a bit more after she left as it was my day to run long. The pace was a little bit slower and the run was much less exciting. After that I decided to hit the pool for a few laps. Oh let's be honest the hot tub.

Friday started off with a good Masters workout followed by intervals on Fiesta Island with Julie and Elizabeth. We did a series of on/off cycling and let me tell you I really enjoyed the "off" time. When it comes to intervals and me, I'm like an abscess. On the outside it doesn't look to bad. Once you lance it, the pus comes out and you realize how bad off things really are even though you couldn't see it from the outside. UGLY. However abscesses need to be drained and I need to do my intervals. So there, I will keep at it. I did accuse Elizabeth and Julie of doping since they seemed to complete the session with ease. Doping on what you ask? Good question. The only thing I could think of was childbirth. Yes....they have both had two children. I told them that it must have changed their physiology and increased their pain threshold.....maybe I can even find evidence to support that it increased their VO2 max. Tim was post call again Friday but he didn't get off and home until 2:00 p.m. This was bad because he needed to nap for a while. I knew he would be tempted to sleep too late and be up too late. Then he wouldn't be able to get up for an epic bike ride on Saturday. Travesty. I let him sleep for a while then guilted him into a run. It was quite a sacrifice on my part. It took me running, a whole 4 miles, on tired legs, up Mt. Soledad, alone to guilt him into it. All in the name of love I ran up Soledad on tired legs. It worked and Tim copied off my 4 miles as I got ready for Lynn's birthday get-together. It takes me more time to get ready for an outing than it takes Tim to run 4 miles. We capped off the evening by meeting friends for a drink.

I think Tim and I have a real problem. Whenever possible we are getting hammered or trashed. Saturday, Tim and I decided to get "trashed." We trashed our legs all day long. We started in Pine Valley, headed up Kitchen Creek and out to Julian for pie. What some people will do for dessert. Tim was tired from the lack of sleep and I was tired from my week of playing. I got no sympathy from Tim when I stated I was tired. The espresso machine was broken at the Julian Pie Co. so when Tim wasn't looking I downed a "Motivator". I had to keep up without complaint for my marriage's sake. What kind of a wife would I be if I blew up my legs with the girls all week long then couldn't hammer with my husband?

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Paul said...

The coffee shop at the other end of the main drag has great espresso. The one at the pie shop is always out. hahah