Sprinter 2017!

It really isn't winter and it really isn't spring. So I guess I'll continue calling this the sprinter season.

57 degrees and nordic skiing is a unique. In all truth I'd prefer 28 degrees. It's easier to wax for and the snow is faster. ... but we take what we get. Diligently applying sunscreen in mid February is not too bad.
Speaking of slow and sloppy snow....It didn't stop the sled dog races.

The fans were not disappointed.
The downside to this yo-yo warm cold weather has been sickness.
Everybody in town has had multiple respiratory viruses or worse.
I'm blaming the weather..although I think it's been a nationwide epidemic.
When caring for a loved one with the stuffies...make sure they are tucked in with a beloved stuffy. Thanks Annika for sharing your germs your Georgie. When you are sick of being sick and after 10 days of amoxicillin you have an ear infection...don't have a pity party. 

Have a popcorn party.. Go ahead...take off your clothes and dance naked. Thanks Dyson for repairing our vacuum and returning it in a box that was chucked full of loose popcorn. No really, thanks for the memory. At first an effort was made to try to remove the vacuum from the box without the popcorn being noticed. Kids can sniff out trouble and treats from a block away. At some point the battle didn't seem worth fighting.  Plan B went something like this  "Kids it's time for a party. I'm setting the time for 15 minutes . When the timer dings we all have to work together to clean it up or there will be no dessert".

 Isaac likes cars and ramps. Car ramps are his favorite things. We don't have one at home for him yet  but he loves to play with the one at the Y and in Annika's school. I find it ironic that he stole a sign from behind my treadmill to make his ramp.  A friend made if for me after I coined the phrase "running is the easiest part of my day" and that includes running with children in the jogger. ... still so true.

A Saturday morning date with a Dad, 2 kids and donuts. What could be more all American than that? Isaac is a fairly mellow fellow but don't even think of getting between Isaac and a creme filled long john from the Huron Bakery.
All was going so well until the moment a man walked up and said is that your mini van?...I'm really sorry I backed into and there is damage are not the words a Dad wants to hear moments after his 5 year old daughter  has gone to the ladies room independently. Isaac was joyously squeezing the cream out of his long john. From what I am told the children were immediately escorted to the van to be confined into carseats while damage was evaluated and discussed. Isaac's vise like grip on the long john was successful until he was secured in his seat. The creme squirting long john was then yanked from his loving little hands and with the greatest despair Isaac witnessed his father toss his beloved long john into the snow bank to prevent further damage to the inside of the vehicle. Maybe instead of a movie titled all dogs go to heaven there should be one called all parents go to heaven. I'm certain it would be a scream.

 On a happy note our family is growing. No...not in numbers. We are expanding our ability to broaden our horizons a make new memories as family.

 We bought a 1968 Airstream. It needs a lot of work but that's part of what makes it special. For some reason looking at the picture makes me think of a trilogy. The life we once had.  How lightly we lived and freely we rolled. The life we  now have, where our physical home is an integral part of our heart and family life  and the life that lies beyond the early years of our children. It is easy to take for granted how short the years are when some of the days seem long.
 Before you get all misty eyed about how quickly children grow up I thought I'd throw this picture in to keep it real. In honor of International Women's Day Isaac head butted me. I was attempting to distract him from an electrician working on an outlet. I don't know for sure but I think hot wires and toddler curiosity seem not to mix. Luckily the electrician had two under 2 and a third on the way so he wasn't phased.  Not a bit. Technically it was domestic violence and assault .. however I've decided not to press charges because he really is cute and most of the time very sweet. It really wasn't even a fit of rage, just some reckless bouncing and poor choices.
Annika would like to introduce her newest doll named Hannah. She would like you to know Hannah isn't an American Girl like the ones she saw in the catalogue last September. Hannah is a "knock up" . Yes, a knock up, the ones from Target that look like American Dolls but are cheaper.

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