Aloha San Diego

San Diego!

San Diego has a special place in my heart. I may not have grown up in San Diego but I grew there. I arrived in San Diego in 2004 with a 12 week contract and stayed for 9 years. As a professional  I went from being a basically untrusted and unknown travel nurse  to a charge nurse the ICU. 

To be honest when I arrived at Scripps Mercy the environment amongst the ICU nurses was a little a lot  like the photo in the picture above. The nursing staff was the most well educated, highest functioning and the most competitive group of people I had worked with. I struggled but I took ultimately decided it was better to struggle to do the best work than have experience a cake walk of mediocrity someplace else. Plus outside of work there was so much to do.

While in San Diego I learned to play in the sand box nicely with others. More than that actually.  I met my best adult friends. Although we now live far I treasure these friendships. I really feel they will be the deepest friendships I will have in this lifetime. Not just because I am too busy trying to keep my children from swinging from chandeliers to be a good friend. I am convinced that the bonds formed while riding bikes for over mountain passes and thousands of miles, running miles, and swimming with seals, dolphins ,and maybe even sharks  are unbeatable. This may be a little bit of magical thinking but when I embark on new adventures I take my old friends with me and when I read about my old friends current adventures I feel included. 

I met my husband in San Diego. My prophetic Grandmother predicted this.  She said I would meet the love of my life in San Diego. He would be an orthopedic surgeon. He would set up his practice at the base of a ski resort....given we live in a meca for nordic skiing I'd say she was right. It was the last conversation I had with her and the last time I  saw her.  I poo pooed her but don't think I won't teach my children to listen up when Grandma starts talking.

I gave birth to my daughter in San Diego and spent the first year of her life there. 

Currently she loves splashing in the water and animals....What could be more San Diego than that?

This was Isaac's first visit to San Diego. I true "traveling with children" form both kids got sick upon arrival. Isaac had/caused an evacuation of "Sammy's Woodfire Pizza" so bad both parents had to storm the women's bathroom for clean up. Clothing was left in the trash can.. Famous last words uttered by his Mom prior to going to dinner were" should I even bother to bring a diaper bag it's such a short walk?" Turns out Grandma knows best after all and thankfully said...."I would in case somebody has a blow out" . Turns out bringing just a diaper and wipes was not such a great idea this evening. Approximately 30 seconds into the walk back to the hotel Isaac attempted to wriggle free and crash some middle school soccer practice. The moment he was happily running free with no desire to ever stop playing I looked down to notice a perfect brown shoe print on my thigh. This was a slight disappointment not just because the pants were my favorite skinny jeans but the only full length pants I packed. Sometimes hand washing is just not enough. After weaving my way through the hotel with Isaac's button pushing elevator assistance we made it up to our 3rd floor room. I inserted the key into the lock with a sigh of relief as the key failed to work. It was an interesting conversation at the desk having a new key made while holding my nearly naked child and modeling my "shit print" jeans . Did I mention Isaac had a bruise/goose egg on his forehead and sand stuck in his snot. Awesome! Exhausted we turned in for a night of sleep only to have Annika wake up at 3:45 a.m. complaining of a stomach ache...which of course led to vomitting. I'm not sure if it was the Bisckoff cookie I caught her trying to eat from under the seat on the airplane, e-coli from the previous nights dinner, or the just a community acquired virus. Thankfully, it wasn't the worst bug we ever dealt with, and with a grown up to kid ratio of 3:2  the situation  was handled with relative ease.
By 11:00 a.m. all was not forgotten regarding feeling under the  weather but a little fresh air and ocean breeze seemed to help.

You can't keep kids down for long and the next day it was off to the zoo. The San Diego zoo is an incredible experience for all.

What a great place. 

Carlsbad beach where Tim grew up visiting his Grandparents. So many memories to share. I must have turned my bike ride around here so many times. So many memories.

It's pretty incredible the amount of growth in San Diego. It was a clean and vibrant city when we left but now even more so. From our perspective they have done a great job. Although we love where we live's easy to see why people would want to live in San Diego. When people ask about different areas of San Diego my usual response is "you can't go wrong".
I might possibly be the meanest Mom ever. ...but I was that Mom. The Mom who leads her child to the entrance of Sea World and then says actually we can't go...
A little word of advice ...check the prices before you go because if you are thinking you might only want to be there for 1-2 hours and want more of a quiet educational environment it might not be worth the $200 it would cost for the two of you to go.
Luckily Grandma had Isaac covered and Annika and I crafted a better plan and headed to the Scripps Birch aquarium.
We had a great time with zero meltdowns. Not having meltdowns nor spending $200 for entry even allowed the purchase of a "stuffy" from the gift shop....When you are 5 years old a stuffy is so important.  Annika got about a 40 minute 1:1 session with an educator. She was entranced.
Tidepool exploration.
All to soon it was time to go home. We didn't do the greatest job getting photos. It sure is harder than it seems to photograph and share amazing keep alive small children. We'll try to do a better job next time we travel

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