Spring 2016.. The First Attempt

 After a long winter ok so it wasn't too long this year we were happy to see the light of spring

I continued to entertain brother with by making awesome pizza pies and French fries with my skis.
 Brother really wanted to get in on the action. He's limited in his ability to participate because his snowsuit doesn't have wholes near the feet for boots. Actually brother is limited because he doesn't own boots.

 Brother is also a bit limited because he can not yet walk. I tried my best to include him but really his failure to walk is a limiting factor.
 He'll just have to watch me from Mom's backpack.
Speaking of walk and spring

 There may be too much snow in our yard but gold old Lake Superior is actually a "heat sink" and there is much less snow near the beach.
 After a long hard day of Pre K the shores of Lake Superior are where I like to go. I just like to sit and think and find peace.

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