Easter 2016

 Many people would have titled this blog "Spring Break vs. Easter" but as I mentioned in a prior blog Mother Nature has been very confused. We had spring but when Spring break arrived winter had returned.

 Getting to San Luis Obispo, Ca from Marquette, Mi in one day is on par with completing and Ironman and a 1/2 Ironman in one day....with less frequent aid stations an more chaotic transitions. We got up at 0400 EST and arrived at ....oh I don't know ..sometime after dinner pacific time. What I do know was staying in my pajamas allay was a wise choice.
We hit up In -N-Out burger. I got a chocolate shake and a hat and got to sit outside. California you do deliver. 

 Immediately upon arrival my cousins and I formed a ferrel pack. We climbed trees and jungle gyms
We colored Easter eggs. 
 Well some of us did...Isaac practiced yoga I guess.
Isaac and Ava couldn't quite keep up with is older cousins climbing trees. We gave them a chance to be king and queen of the castle when we were outside.
 We did Easter up right. Mom dressed Isaac in his best 100% polyester suit. She purchased it just after Easter in 2015 off the clearance rack .... from Shopko....Did I mention the tie is 100% clip on as well
 Note my fabulous boots....Just like cousin Rachel's. A gift from Grandma. Rachel and I are boot buddies forever.
 After church there were wonderful festivities. Donuts, lemonade, and an Easter egg hunt.

 Grandpa helped mw with my pre egg hunt strategy. I'm certain I got the most eggs of all.

 After church we hit the beach.
 Isaac was a handful and ate a handful of sand.

 Who does that? Oh, wait a minute. I was indeed a sand eater.

We celebrated Gramps' 89th birthday. 

 We attempted to get a pic of all of us with Gramps holding still.
It would have taken until he was 90.  Moments to treasure.
 My Mom ran to the track for a speed workout. Congratulations Mom...you made the interval and got the math right.

 Umm...But I think if I had to choose one or the other ...the track or the trail. I'd take the trail, but as Grandma Cindy said best "There is a season for everything in your life"

 Back to the beach at least.
 Sand dollars were a dime dozen
My Dad got his surf on while we combed the beach.
 You can't beat fresh fish for lunch.
 Isaac loves to eat!

 And all too soon it was time to go home.

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