Baby Moon! February 2015

So this blog is a wee bit 9 weeks over due.
It slipped my mind. You could say I had a blond moment.
Maybe I was just busy. I am always on the go. I love winter , but it was a long winter and time for travel to some place warm.
When they say it's not about the destination but the journey...they might be far off. Snowstorms and airlines do not make for speedy travel
Shout out to O'Hare and SFO for having mini childrens' museums in the airport.
Our perseverance (with a 3 day late arrival ) to get to Maui paid off. 
I hiked, splashed, and laughed the entire time.
I also accessorized with great delight. Those are not floatation devises...the are pool jewelry. Gee! Get it right.

 Hawaii really is great for everybody. My Mom went running before dawn each morning. My Dad rented a surfboard, and I took advantage of every opportunity for fun.

 I love the beach.
 Our family is going to expand this spring and by that I don't mean stuffed animals count, even though my George is truly family. We are not getting a puppy either.
I'm getting a baby brother so I guess that makes this trip my baby moon. 

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