Independence Day

 Ah ... the 4th of July. Does it mark the beginning of the summer or is it a warning that summer is going to go buy quickly.
 In honor of Independence Day my Mom took her big girl bike (6 inches of suspension) for a solo ride on the trails less traveled. Just because you leave home alone does not me you are alone in the forest.
I'm pretty sure my Mom had to slip these guys a fiver to pass without an ordeal. Alway keep the gnomes of the forest on your side.
Hi -Ho, Hi-Ho, it's around the pond we go.....By way of rocks and granite, roots and trees.
And so now you see why six inches of suspension are involved...what did we do in the time before seat droppers and disc brakes?

Yes... the midwest is flat. We are in Superior Land!

Around here it is eat or be eaten

A picture is worth 1000 words. A selfie costs 100 bug bites.
Don't worry Mamma made it out of the woods in time for a 4th of July gathering, to which I wore my 4th of July dress for the 3rd straight year....Can I make a go at #4?It started a maxi dress next year  it might be a mini dress. I'm so en vogue.
 Even rain can't cramp my style. People ask how what I think of the weather Mother Nature brings about?
I can't complain because she gives me plenty of opportunities to accessorize. Recently I read you should look in the mirror and take one thing off. In this peninsula I'd advise looking at the thermometer and putting three things on.

 You are probably wondering if my Mom brought home any of those blueberries for me to eat?

 The answer would be no...but you know this generation and their need for snacks

 So the next day we hiked back and picked all the ripe berries we could find.
 Ker plink, ker plink, ker plunk...the sound of the blueberries going into the bucket
 My life reads...

Just like the book "Blueberries For Sal" by Robert Mckloskey. Read it if you can.

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