Spring Skiing

 A spring break escape to warmer climates seems to be very popular amongst those from colder regions. My parents snuck and I do mean snuck in along weekend of spring skiing at Beaver Creek in Colorado. They may have found warmer weather there but snow seems to have a way of following them this year. I doubt you'll here them complaining though.

 Face shot Dad! Face shot Mom!

 Steep and deep terrain translate to big, big , smiles.

Meanwhile, back on the home front I was helping Grandpa name his new chicks. He got 6 of them. They are going to lay eggs. 300 per year per chick. I am going to bring my basket and gather the eggs up. While free range may be all the range amongst the organic crowd. Grandpa's are a step above that. They are going to live in an gated community that discriminates against the riff raft of coyotes, raccoons, and foxes. I'm sure pictures of this fine establishment will soon follow.
Too bad we didn't have any of Grandpa chicks eggs to put in Grammy's birthday cake. I knew everybody would be so disappointed in this loss that I ran interference by solo singing Happy Birthday.
The next we closed out the season at our local ski hill, although it wasn't due to lack of snow. Skiing makes me hungry, you see it's straight to my kitchen post workout and ski session.

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