For a moment there

We rounded the corner into April....
and for a moment there....
I thought I found spring.
We rolled out our bikes... we forgot out our bikes
and old man winter let us know leaving your bike out is not a good idea.
My Mom won the race on Saturday. On Monday she lost the war on winter.
In case you are wondering where my race report from the toddler trot is. It is missing because I skipped it to go on a waterfall exploring expedition adventure with my Dad.

And to think my Mom was awarded a trophy for running 10 miles on paved surfaces with aid stations.
I have taken to making my own medals and awarding them to whoever I see fit. 
You want a real race report? 

The time wasn't that fast
But it wasn't that slow
Could she have gone faster?
Nobody knows!

Not a bad poem for a 2.5 year old if I do say so. 

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