May's Days

Boy! The days of May sure went by in a hurry.
I think I am time. Time goes by fast. I'm fast. Time does not stand still. I certainly do not sit around standing still. Well if I am not time, I'm a lot like it.Can you tell I have been reading a lot of Frog And Toad lately?

 No wonder why when we are at the pool and I am "walking" on deck my Mom is always booming "Slow Annika....Walk." See technically she shouldn't shout "No Running" because she'd be issued a citation by the politically correct parenting police. If they knew how many times she slipped and instinctively called "No Running on The Pool Deck" they'd send her straight to the time out chair. Oh wait, they don't believe in time outs. Well, I guess she gets off Scott free and speaking of Scott...
and speaking of Scott... and trying to slow down.
 We headed up to San Luis Obispo Get it? SLO,slow? for a second weekend in May. What could be more fun than a tub full of cousins. We celebrated my Grandpa and Grandma's 40th too.
 I really do love my Grandparents but I think at the moment of this photo shoot I wanted to do other explore the kitchen of the restaurant or rearrange the baskets of organic hand picked and polished produce that were on display.

In other news another year of The Tour of California is in the books. My Dad was part of the medical coverage. As in every tour certain jerseys signify different things. Yellow for the leader, white for the best young rider, green for the sprinter, and polka dot for the best climber. As I said, the tour is in the books and I am wearing the polka dots for a good reason.
As we all know girls have more interest than boys in fashion.

 Case in point. My last dinner date. I'm dressed to the 9's in a halter dress and matching hat. My date doesn't even throw on a clean shirt. C'mon boys take some initiative and get involved. Somedays I positively insist on a outfit.

 Which is why I showed up at the YMCA to swim wearing a fleece snowsuit. As we were leaving in my stroller, I overheard the neighbor who was walking her dog, also in a stroller, suggest to my Mom to give me choices of what to wear. For example,  hold up two pairs of pants and let me pick. No Mom would ever think to try that ;0) I think she decided to save 3 hours of failed games and negotiations and go with the logic of the handout from the Dr's office stating it is ok for children to learn based on some minor consequneces of their action such as being warm or cold. As if I don't know there are more than two pairs of pants in that closet to choose from.
 As if I care that much about pants!!!! Well folks it's time to dance!

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