Accessorize Your Life!

It's been a while since I last checked in.
Clearly I have been busy and on the run.
 That being said I'd like to emphasize the importance of essential accessories and sunshine.
 When at the beach it is "No sand toy left  behind"
 When on Montana Avenue you better have the whole ensemble
In case you didn't get the jist I'll itemize:
1 pink car
1 hibiscus flower
1 pair of sunglasses (scratched and upside down)
1 pacifier multicolored preferred
1 pair red patent leather shiny shoes
1 puppy backback otherwise known as baby hackpack
1 barette
Mulitple discarded stickers remnants of the last Trader Joe's run. Only those who spot the monkey hidden in the store get stickers.
I'm practically an "F" list celebrity as people were snapping pictures of me with their I phones. I'd be headed straight to Hollywood if my Mom would run me there. You'd think Santa Monica was an island with no with no departing ferries the way we live.
I can't complain. My life is full of roses.
I've attempted to stylize and accessoirze my Mom.
Apparently the look was not appreciated by my Grandma, who less than 24 hours later sent a photo which I will withhold of a girl properly wearing a headband. The girl in the photo was about my age. You could tell she was a real  goodie two shoe with her headband on. I"ll bet she was a real thumb sucking baby.  
See I am far beyond that! I use my paci to accessorize my outfit and I wear my headband with flair. Hmph!
With that folks I've got work to do. Father's Day is tomorrow.

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